Welcome to your Learn and Earn With Chris back office, we look forward to working with you on your journey to becoming a foreign exchange trader. We have simplified all of our material and back office layouts to make it easier for you to access all of your material and get the most out of it. We recommend all studying, and trading is done primarily from a computer as you won't be able to review from a cell phone screen properly and you should most definitely not do your analysis from a mobile phone. We look forward to having you on the team, and we wish you all the success and abundance in the world. Below you will find a list of team rules we ask you to respect and abide by. 

1. Risk management is key, and there is no reason to blow up an account. Your open positions (if they are negative) should never equal to more than 5% of the total account balance. This doesn't mean if you have one trade open you hold it till you hit 5% draw down.

2. Don't complain if you break rule number one

3. Stop losses (SL) and Take profits (TP) should always be used for your safety. Once they are set, do not move it if the market goes near them. Create a plan before entering the trade and stick to it. 

4. Keep the "ONLY Forex " for only forex and trading.

5. No bad mouthing of other traders or Foul language is allowed at any point in the chats. 

6. PUT IN THE FUCKING WORK!! No handouts here

7. No messages in the "no messaging chat."

8. Positive vibes only, we are a family, so there is zero tolerance. 

9. You're in charge of your account. We do not provide signals, and live sessions are for educational purposes, we may be incorrect sometimes. No one is forcing you to take the trades you are ultimately in control of the mouse button. All traders should be reviewing charts and making sure they do their due diligence before taking trades. 

10. If you don't know how to consider trades before taking them study harder. All the material is at your disposal; there are no handouts. 

11. Use proper money management

12. Due to the number of students, to serve the team better Chris can no longer be answering personal instant messaging messages. All questions directed towards Chris should be asked primarily in the team forex chat as it may benefit everyone to know the answer and he will answer it there. If not someone else may be able to answer it as well, if it is urgent email us at

13. There will be wins and losses its part of the industry. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

14. Learn to control emotions during trades because trading is 80% psychological and 20% skill

15. No excuses from anyone. If you have excuses, you're part of the wrong team!

16. The whole objective of this course is to study and do the lessons so you can become an independent trader and make a living from it. We will always be here as a family but don't rely on others for results. 

17. Always move stop losses into profit or breakeven once there is a nice space between the current market price and your entry. 

18. If you would like to speak one on one with Chris email us and request to use the free psychology training so we can book you in.