Daily Checklist


You may be asking why do I need to do a checklist before I can trade? It's basic because these checklists will help you find the sentiment of the market at that moment. The checklist is designed to wean out the pairs that are not active at this time and show you which to be trading. By going through all major 28 pairs on a daily time frame and hourly time frame, you break down every aspect of each pair. You find out which pair is bullish and which is bearish. By splitting each pair into two currencies, you're finding out which is strong and weak in that present moment. Sometimes you may do a checklist, and it may be delayed and not move for a few hours or a few days the way your checklist says, but when it does, it moves in massive amounts. We have had trades from the checklist execute 15mins after completing it, and we have had some execute two days after finishing it, it all depends on the market sentiment and market structure at that moment. This checklist will not be for everyone, but for those who enjoy doing it and find it beneficial, you will have a pretty straight to the point outlook on the current market condition. Check out this video below to see exactly how to complete both checklists you can use.

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