Forex overview


What is forex
The Foreign Exchange market (also referred to as the Forex or FX market) is the largest financial market in the world.

Trading forex
From analyzing economic reports and chart patterns, the individual trader attempts to determine trends in the values of currencies. A trader speculates on the fluctuation in exchange rates by buying and selling currency pairs. Fortunately here in LAEWC we don't speculate or attempt anything, we trade based off of what the market shows us and trade according to what our studies have taught you.

Forex vs Stocks
Forex differs from stocks in many ways; the main difference is instead of buying shares of a company you are buying different currencies. 

Fundamental Analysis
Fundamental analysis involves analyzing the value of a nation's currency based upon macroeconomic indicators, central bank actions, and political affairs. In LAEWC you will make an educated trade based on what news and the market show you.

Technical Analysis
Technical analysis involves studying patterns of price movement on the chart to trade the direction of current and future trends in the market. 

Below you will also find a recording which we cover the following topics:

Our Ebook version 2.0 is coming soon and will also be available below

- Intro

- Fundamentals

- Candlesticks

- Support and Resistance

- Trendlines

- The Olivera Shake 'n Bake

- The Rebound

- The ChrisCross

- The Homerun 


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