software setup


Software setup for your computers is pretty straightforward. Whether you're using an IOS based computer or an HP based, you can run MT4 or TradingView, but Meta Trader 4 needs to be downloaded a certain way. A lot of students on the team do not use MT4 for their analysis; they use TradingView to do their analysis. The reason trading view is more the more preferred platform is because any indicator you would have to find and input from a third party source onto MT4 is already on TradingView. Another huge upside of using TV for your analysis would be that it is web based which means you can log onto your account from any computer and be able to see your analysis whereas MT4 your analysis will only be available on the computer you did it on. MT4 is the original online FX trading software and works very well, but it is entirely up to each individual which they would like to use. Below you will find a video attached showing how to setup and use both softwares.