Chart setup


Chart setups are a big part of trading efficiently because while using either platform you want to make sure your template, indicators, and charts are all loading correctly and quickly. In this lesson, you will be shown how to setup your template color, how to adjust your watchlist, how to create watchlist's on TradingView and how to have multiple windows open. Some of you may be wondering why there is a lesson specifically for this and the reason is that we want to make sure our students know everything from top to bottom in trading. We don't want you to know how to trade and be wondering how to have your charts or set up certain things. We aim to create well-rounded traders who have zero to worry about when entering the market; we leave no stone unturned. 

Things we will be reviewing

- Templates

- Indicators

- Chart appearance

- Watchlist

- Majors

- Organization 

- Timeframes

Below is a video attached to explain and demonstrate all of the above.