Student testimonials

I started my journey into learning how to trade the foreign exchange market in January of 2017. I was anxious and ready to learn, but I needed someone to point me in the right direction because I had no idea where to start. I used baby for a little and a few other sources, but although they gave decent information on trading I was still so lost. I came across Chris’s instagram page on day after looking through pictures of traders and their profits and his page stood out the most out of anyones. I messaged chris about trading and even when he had no idea who I was and wasn’t his student he still gave me some pretty great tips on where and how to start learning how to trade other than his personal course. I took his advice and tried to learn and trade on my own, which didn’t last too long. I was of course skeptical of paying someone who I have never met to teach me how to trade so I waited about 3 months and then I finally took the leap and joined Chris’s course. Chris has helped me create and jumpstart my career in trading forex immensely which I will one day pay him back for. His live webinars every morning with his students gave us such a great bias overlook of how to read market structure and patterns so we could become profitable as a group. He is always very active with his students even though there is over 200 of them on our team. He treats his students like family and wants to see them win more than anyone. He is one of the best traders in the game that I know and still such an inspiring and humble person. Thanks for everything homie!

Brandon G. Shelton, CT 4/30/2018

I first saw Chris on Instagram and was motivated by his belief and ability to prove you can achieve anything you want in life if you work hard enough at it. Seeing as I live by a similar motto I was intrigued by his career and what he had achieved. I'd been involved with the share market but never been involved in the Forex market before. I was extremely hesitant at first to sign up and take a leap of faith with the program, I even tried looking online to find any reviews (generally looking for bad ones so I had an excuse not to join) but I found nothing! To be honest, I knew very little about the Forex market but let me tell you, joining this program is one the BEST things you will ever do in your life. Don't get me wrong, don't expect to join and have all the answers given to you to become instantly successful in the Forex market, YOU NEED TO PUT THE WORK IN. In saying that, EVERYTHING you need to learn and study is in this course. I signed up about 2 or 3 months ago and have just recently created my live account. 

The group chats are always buzzing with people talking, asking and answering questions and discussing general analysis. The money is just worth the group chats on there own.

Chris is just something else, extremely motivated and inspiring guy who wants all of us to achieve our very best and provides us with the tools to do so! 


Matt (16/7/17)

After joining with other Forex "mentors" in the past, I never really grasped any material they offered as it was sporadic and unorganized. All they really offered was a signal service, without actually taking the time to teach you the aspects of being a trader. Ever since joining Learn and Earn With Chris, I feel like I'm on my way to greatness.


I initially found Chris on Instagram, as I was drawn to his motivational and humble approach to life. With myself being huge on personal development and continual improvement, I felt like I really connected to Chris even with just reading his posts. Then I found out he mentors his students in Forex, which immediately gained my interest. After sorting out my personal situation, I decided to take the leap and join his mentorship! It was the best decision that I had made in a while. The content and organization of Chris' material on his website is awesome. The hard work and hours he has put in to helping others is evident and unlike any other mentor that I've come across.


After joining his Forex family, I realized how much information I did not know beforehand. It's truly amazing what a great mentor can do for you, not only with learning new information but also keeping you motivated and lighting a fire under your ass! He hands you the knowledge in a silver platter but it's truly up to you to put in the effort and find your own way to use that information.


Happy to be apart of the family!

Inderraj S.

July 14, 2017

I came across Chris' profile on Instagram after seeing multiple posts of him and his students making profits in the Forex market day after day and wondering what this was all about? To be honest I was highly skeptical so decided to do my due diligence.

After lengthy correspondence with Chris, even taking the time to talk on the phone and going above and beyond to answer all of my questions, I still didn't sign up because it seemed like a lot of money and also thought what information could Chris know that I haven't already learned in the stacks of books, thousands of web pages and years in school?

After some more frustrating trades and scratching my head for over 20 years of trading I admitted to myself...... I'm missing something and may never figure this out on my own. I remembered Chris saying " what do you have to lose? you've probably lost more on a single trade" and he was right, wasn't the value of education worth more than a single losing trade? I took the plunge and signed up without any more hesitation.

The information contained in the Learn and earn with Chris program were some of the missing pieces of the puzzle I was looking for. It has been a game changer for me! I've made significant improvements in identifying better trades opportunities, proper entries and exits and more importantly, when not to trade and also proper risk management, that was always my nemesis!

Chris consistently goes out of his way on a daily basis to motivate, educate and constantly push the team to higher standards of trading success! I want to express my gratitude to Chris and his team for welcoming me to not only the Learn and Earn with Chris team, but also the family!

Best Regards, David Belsky

David Belsky, Waterloo Ontario

Feb 14th, 2017


I’m Simon from Toronto. In 1990, I started investing in the stock market. In an attempt to educate myself, I read many books on the subject, as well as watched a lot of online seminars. In spite of all my efforts in becoming a better investor, I found that at best, all I could manage was hit and miss! In 2016, having a young family, I decided I could no longer take the risks I took when I was single, so I after listening in on one of Chris’s chat lines, I decided to learn forex trading. Thanks to Chris’s training methods, I feel comfortable reading charts, using moving averages and levels. Knowledge is power. I want to continue building upon the solid foundation I have already attained by following “Learn & Earn with Chris” via his Facebook page as well as his blog. Before I came across “Learn & Earn with Chris” I have tried everything: subscribed to financial newsletters, attended investor’s seminars, etc. Nothing really helped me further my skills as an investor, until I came across Chris’s blog. With him, I have learnt more in the last six months than in all my 20 years of trading in the stock market. Since starting in November 2016, my portfolio has been up 100%. My yearly target was USD$150,000, but I actually made USD$220,000 in the first month(January) forex trading. More importantly, Chris provides you with an extensive financial education. In my opinion, he’s one of the best traders out there. His vision is always 100% correct. Never bet against him, you are doomed to fail. Thank you Chris for imparting your knowledge and providing me the edge in the forex market to make money and giving me an opportunity of a lifetime. 

Simon, Toronto

Jan 29th, 2017

Chris' trading program really changed my views on day trading, his work ethic and dedication towards his students is unparalleled. From the moment I signed up I was confident I made the right decision and was working with some like minded young professionals.  If you've always wanted to get into trading and didn't quite know where to start this is definitely the course for you!

Steven, Montreal

July 28th, 2016

Dear Chris,

Where can I start? I came across your Instagram page 1.5 years ago and I thought why not hit him up? This came out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. Not only has he taught me a lot about Forex but also about life. Chris is easily the Forex "guru". His webinars are clear and his course is also a banger. He also gives you a lot of ideas about great books to become an more open-minded person and good living person. Chris is always there when you need help, if it's Forex or not. He doesn't have a 76-member Forex team but a 76 member family. Chris is one of the most honest, focused, driven, relaxed guys I've ever met and I'm happy with that! Sorry for my bad grammar because I'm from the Netherlands and only 17-years-old

Zeb, Netherlands

July 23rd, 2016